Everyday Badminton  and  Table  Tennis Club

We will be open from Feb.22nd Monday.    Court/Table rental only  and private lession is on.  Drop-in   program still on hold and the membership will be  extended accordingly.

Due to COVID-19   following rules,  following  rules will be applied:

1: Open time:

Monday - Friday :   2:00pm. - 10 :00pm.
Saturday:                           10:00am. -  10:00pm.
Sunday:                               10:00am. -   8:00pm.

2,  Maximum  4 people   per court , 2 person/table. 10 people / room.

3,    Please wrap up 5 mins before your session closed in order  for us to  clean up.

4, please wear mask and keep distancing when you   inside and not playing.

Thank you for your support and wish everyone stay active and healthy!

  Table  Tennis and  Party Room   

Badminton Court Rental Rate
Non-member :  $18/h per court  ($2 per person guest fee for any non-member player, please E-transfer $25 deposit to front.desk@everydaybadminton.com. We'll confirm the booking and provide the court # once it's received.  Thanks!)

Member: Rate is variable depending on different time. Please see details : Opening Time & Member Rates

Hiring Coach Now! 
(Please send resume to front.desk@everydaybadminton.com)

 Drop-IN schedule and Membership (Currently not available)

Early Bird:
        Mon  -  Fri   10:00am -  1:00pm  Annual membership  $180/year + tax

Happy Hour
        Mon  -  Fri   12:00pm  -  5:00pm Annual membership  $220/year + tax

Crazy Night :
        Badminton:5 nights per week listed below:           
Date    Administrator  Time
Mon. Front Desk  9:00pm -11:00pm  

Wed. Front Desk  8:00pm -10:00pm

Fri.  Frank 9:00pm -11:00pm

Sat.  Frank 9:00pm -11:00pm
 Sun.  Steve  8:00pm -10:00pm  

 Price for Drop-In
         $6 per time for member, $8 for non-member
         $60 / 10 times card (no membership needed)
 Actual time upon of court rental schedule, please call front desk to confirm 905-604-6698


Tuesday 11:00am - 1:00am

Drop in $6/person