Membership is good for regular players to 
save money and time!!

·         Annual Membership

o    Price

§  Individual Membership $60/year booking 

§  Group Membership (6 or more people)

o    Benefits:

§  Enjoy member-only prices on products and services 

§  Enjoy all the special promotion.

§  Use of  Gym equipment

§  Invitation to club events

§  Priority court bookings

o    Guests under 16 need to be accompanied by member

o    $2 guest fee per person for non-member is required on every visit 


·         Drop-In Membership (badminton)


1, Early Bird Annual Membership

    Mon- Fri     10:00am -1:00pm. Annually $180/Year

2, Happy Hour Annual Membership

    Mon- Fri     12:00pm -5:00pm. Annually $220/Year

·         Above price all taxable.                                                   

1 minimum of 6 people is required for group membership package

2 must be accompanied with a member, otherwise ID will be required