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See us on TV !!

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Free Gift on Every Hour of Court Booking - Dec 1st, 2010 - Jan 1st, 2011

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A free gift will be given on every hour of court booking from Dec 1st, 2010 to Jan 1st, 2011 to both Members and Guests !! Find out more at store !!

1 year Anniversary !!

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Everyday Badminton is 1 year old next week !! We can't be here today without the support from all our dear members over the last year, we are thrilled by the results we had today and we are really appreciated it!!

The Anniversary celebration will be started from Sep 17th, 2010 - Sep 20th, 2010, special gifts & promotions will be given out at the club during this time. Here is some example:
  • $20 Cash Gift Back to New/Renew Individual Membership, $10 for Group membership.
  • Rent court for 2 consecutive hours, the second hour is 50% off.
  • $10 gift back for every $100 deposite to the memebership card, maxium $200 allowed.
  • Huge sale discount to all the products and equipments.
  • and more !!
To avoid high traffic, please download the Membership Agreement below and fill it out beforehand.

Thanks very much and hopefully see you at the club on the anniversary !!

Everyday Badminton

how we do HST?

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No matter what, HST is coming to our life. Here is how we going to cope with it.

Drinks and Products will remain the same price. Only membership, rental and service are effected.

Membership & coaching service will be charged with 13% HST instead of 5% GST, our court rental price is tax included, so a little price adjustment has been made. Check out the new time & rate here.

Donation Made to the Haiti Earthquake

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Haiti Donation

Feb, 2010 (18)
Chan, Van                   Cheung, Charles                 Chow, Lynley               Guan, Wei Wen               Lam, George               Lee, Hoi Yin                Li, Jin Ming           Lu, Jacqueline
Lobaker, Hank             Lu, Wei Jian                       Mo, Shaade                 Peng, Pits                       Sun, Xinghua(Patrick)   Tong, Alan                  Wang, Jiong         Wong, Michael
Wong, Cindy               Yang, Torie
Mar, 2010 (25)
Au, Ya Lung(Alvin)       Chen, Thomas                   Chen, Yu                     Cheng, Fiona                    Dan, Zhaohong            Huang, Sanna             Kilfoyle, David       Lam, Thomas
Lan, Zhen                   Liang, Chao Peng              Liu, Lisa                       Lu, Patrick                       Ma, Jian                      Mei, Lin Qing              Qiu, Alina             Tang, Sarah
Tsai, Rex                   Tse, Makco                       Tsui, Yuen Chung         Wang, Yao                      Yang, Chun Mei            Yu, Jun                       Yung, Francis      Zha, Xiao Dai
Zhong, Johnson
Total (43) we Donated $250.00 in total.
Thanks for all the support from our new members !!

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